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Covid-19, Seocho (S) Quarantine Leading K (Korean) Quarantine
-Awarded the Grand Prize for Korea Local Government Policy -
Seocho setting the national standard even for Covid-19 response!
△ State-of-the-art no-contact screening clinics
△ Fast response TF operation
Rapid non-face-to-face fever detection!
Introduced AI robots for preemptive fever monitoring
Placed in Seocho-gu Office, 51 schools, and 3 terminals
Coding, AI education and guidance! Great response at schools
No-Contact Cultural Life & Education to Defeat Covid!
△ Seoripul Drive-In Concert/Movie Theater
△ Seocho Indoor Music Festival
△ Seoripul Culture Class, Youth Live, etc.
Smart Home No-Contact Education! - At-home AI coding education
Daddy Long-Legs for Children! ‘Seoripul Sam’
Seoriful Sam visits the families of vulnerable elementary and middle school children, provides online remote class instruction, and even specialized consulting!
Bridging the educational and digital gap
Seocho’s Disaster Prepared- ness Recognized by the Government
Awarded the Presidential Prize based on the Disaster Management Evaluation for two consecutive years in 2020 Practical projects such as Seoripul wondumak (Hut on Stilts) and igloos
No Need to Worry About Fine Dust in Seocho!
Smart Eco Shelter, Seocho Eco Rest Area, Fine Dust Shelter, Seoripul Nori School, etc.
Smart Eco Shelter at bus stops, Seocho Eco Rest Area (clean air quality areas at parks), Seoripul Igloo providing shelter away from fine dust, and Seoripul Nori School designated as fine dust-free zone
Illuminated Crosswalks to Prevent Traffic Accidents Involving Pedestrians
86 runway-type crosswalks in Seocho-gu to ensure pedestrian safety
Public Libraries with User Convenience System in Each Area Incl. Yangjae Library
  • Opening of Yangjae Library (Nov. 23, 2019), as desired by local residents for 13 years.
  • Library user convenience system (inter-library book loans, book payback, mobile app)
Leading the Country in Urban Design
Seocho’s unique public designs and infrastructure and public design policy honored with the Presidential Prize
Seocho, a Great Place to Live Alone
Korea’s first single-member household support center with the implementation of customized policies
Address various issues of people living alone (33% of the population) with Health 119, women’s safety, counseling, community services, etc.
Yangjaecheon Cheoncheon Tour on a Raft
2,215 families came to go log-rafting and engage in various eco-friendly programs on the Yangjaecheon Stream
2019 Seoripul Festival on Banpo-daero to Celebrate the Designation as Music & Culture District
270,000 people visited the 8-day festival with Korea’s first night music parade and the world’s largest sketchbook
Seocho Smart Senior Program for VR and Kiosk Familiarization
5 IT experience zones created for the first time for seniors, in addition to kiosks, etc., to help close the tech gap
Opening of Seoripul Tunnel as Desired by Residents for 40 Years
Seoripul Tunnel measuring 40m wide and 1,280m long opens between Seocho Station and Bangbae-ro
Heat Wave Countermeasures for Respite from the Heat
Urban cooling fog and fountain as well as Family Camping Heat Wave Shelter used by some 2,000 residents
Apartment Communities for Better Living
5,168 participants in 421 lectures at 50 self-governing apartment schools to create apartment communities
Seocho Youth Cultural Edu- cation Program to Foster Talent and Cultural Refinement
Instructors to teach each student a musical instrument at 22 elementary schools & English musical, Fame, staged by youth
Seocho Blueprint Project to Build a Bridge of Hope for Young Adults
Blueprint Academy for job seekers and schools to help young adults find jobs at foreign companies and quaternary sector
“Raising Children Together” at Public Daycare Centers with No Waiting Lists
Minimized waits at public/private/home daycare centers based on a demand and age analysis and established a shared childcare system
Top Health Management Services for Metabolic Syn- dromes for 10 Consecutive Years
Top follow-up management registration and satisfaction rates in Seoul for the Metabolic Syndrome Management Center and on-the-go counseling center
Budgeting with the Participa- tion of Residents
Residents voted for the projects to be reflected in the 2020 budget (KRW 4,964 million for 22 projects)
Car Sharing Service at Resi- dent-Priority Parking Spaces
Secured spaces for car-sharing services to solve the parking crisis and reduce air pollution