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About Seocho


홈으로 About Seocho Greeting
Cho Eun-hee

My name is Jun Sung-soo,
the Mayor of Seocho-gu,
District, the Republic of Korea.
I am delighted to introduce our Website to the Internet users of the world. As the Mayor of Seocho, I proudly introduce you to Seocho-Gu, which is one of the most environmental-friendly and culturally vibrant cities in Seoul, South Korea.

Seocho-gu is located in
the southern part of the Seoul Metropolitan City.
Located in the pivot of the southern part of Seoul, Seocho is a self-governing community, which is the mecca of culture, art, education and law, and also the hub of transportation. The population of Seocho, which is just above 400,000 boasts their healthy living space where half of its surface area is covered in green. In addition, Seocho is known for its abundant opportunities in cultural and art performances,

The official website of Seocho-gu will provide important information including new administrational initiatives, status of work-in-progress projects, project results, performance announcements, travel guides, and etc. I sincerely hope that people around the globe will get to have an easier way of learning about Seocho-gu through this website, and we are looking forward to interacting with you personally and through on-line too.

Thank you

the Mayor of Seocho-gu Cho Eun-hee