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Seocho Coin The Index of Social Value Realization Based on Blockchain Technology Social Issues the Whole World is Facing 1. Spread of Social Inequality : Inequalities in Economy, educational opportunities, etc. 2. Increase in Socially Valunerable Classes from Economic Polarization : Housing instability, heath problems from lack of medical care, etc. 3. Climate Change : Change in the environment and ecosystem due to global warming, etc. 4. Increase in Social Costs from Aging Society : Costs of social welfare, health management, etc By using smart technology, we can realize social value threough simple activities in our daily lives and solve various social issues we face today.What is Seocho Coin? Ig is a virtual asset issued vy the mayor of Seochoo-gu based on blockchain technology. One Seocho Coin has a value of KRW 100. 1. The Seocho Coin System safeguards data from forgery since the system encodes the number of coins owned. 2. You can download the Seocho Coin app from the App Store or Google Play. 3. After signing up and authenticating your membership, you can save and use Seocho Coins through scanning QR codes. 4. Anyone living in Seocho city or participating in the area's activity can be a member of the Seocho Coin System. 5. You can save or use Seocho Coins in places such as community centers, senior welfare centers and Seocho Zero Shops (circular economy shop). Social Value Realization Activities to save Seocho Coins. 1. Voluntary Work including Talent Donation : Volunteer services utilizing professional talent or knowledge such as mentoring, art perfomance living convenience support, etc. 2. Protecting the Socially Vulnerable : Seocho Nubidan (Honorary social welfare workers) discovers and reports families at risk due to being outside of social welfare network. 3. Net-zero Realization : Delivering recyclables to Zero Shops (Circular economy shop) or collecting transparent PET bottles. 4. Paricipation for Health Improvement : Participation in yoga or breathing exercise classes in community centers or senior welfare centers Using Seocho Coins 01. Unis Seocho Coins at Facilities : Seocho coins can be used as tuitions for lectures or facility charges in community centers and senior welfare centers (e.g., cafeteria) or as a payment method at Zero Shops (circular economy shop) througn scanning a QR code. 02. Donating Seocho Coins : You can donate Seocho Coins to Community Chest of Korea or social welfare facilities. Picture : Using Seocho Coins to purchase a meal coupon at a cafeteria inside a senior welfare center. Realizing Social Value through Seocho Coin. 1Senior Welfare Centers Community Centers Seocho Zero Shops 2.Virtuous Cycle of Activities to Realize Social Value through Saving and Using Seocho Coins. 3 Volunteers Seocho Nubidan Residents participating in net-zero activities. Seocho Coins ar provided when members perform voluntary works, protection of the socially vulnerable, net-zero activities. By motivating citizens to do good deeds and utilizing Seocho Coin as an index of worthwhileness, a virtuous cycle of realization of social value can be established.