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Sebitseom (Some Sevit)

Sebitseom means ‘three shining islands.’ Sebitseom is the first work of architecture in the world made on a floating object on the water. Three islands; Gabitseom, Chaebitseom, and Solbitseom are connected with bridges, and Yebitseom, a media art gallery stands in harmony. This is a complex cultural space with a convention hall, performance and exhibition halls, restaurants, etc.


GoTo Mall refers to the basement shopping center at Express Bus Terminal Station. It offers various dining options and things to see, including cafes, restaurants, flower market, etc. You can buy clothing, shoes, and accessories at low prices and see the flowers of the seasons blooming.

Seorae Village

This is the village where the most French people reside in Korea. It has unique streets and parks where you can feel European culture. There are also cafes and restaurants where you can taste authentic French food that attract young couples to come on dates.

Samsung d'light

‘Samsung d’light’ has three floors where you can experience new living patterns of the future through the newest digital technology based on different themes. In the promotion halls on the first and second floors, visitors can experience interesting digital media interactions. The basement floor is the biggest mobile shop in Korea where you can experience various Samsung products and purchase them.

Seocho Saturday Flea Market

This is a place of sharing where you can sell unused items from your home to people who need them. This is the biggest flea market in the Seoul area with culture and arts that provide visitors things to watch and enjoy, introducing cultural contents such as street music concerts, experience programs, and art exhibitions, etc.

Seoul Arts Center

Korea’s representative complex of cultural space with quality cultural arts contents, convenient facilities, and impressive services. At Seoul Arts Center, the passion of artists leads to the satisfaction of customers. Every year, up to three million visitors come to this cultural playground and rest area in the city.

National Gugak Center

As the national musical institute established to inherit and develop traditional music and dance, it works on various activities such as Korean music performances, studies, promotion projects, etc. It comprises four art companies: a classical music company; dance company; folk music company; and creative music company. Facilities include performance halls such as Yeakdang, Umyeondang, Pungnyusarangbang, Yeonhuimadang, etc. and Gugak museum and Gugak Training Center.

Yangjaecheon Stream & Lovers' Street

An attraction that gives romance and peace of mind with beautiful nature along the waters of Yangjaecheon Stream, wine bars, and cafes. The atmospheric wine bars and open-air cafes with unique terraces are popular among lovers and families.

Maeheon Yun Bong-gil Memorial Hall

The memorial hall was constructed in 1988 to commemorate the accomplishments and high spirits of sacrifice of Yun Bong-gil. First floor of the memorial hall houses an exhibition of his articles and photos. The second floor has offices, Maeheon Study Institute, Seminar room, and Yun Bong-gil Library. The third floor houses an auditorium.

Heolleung and Illeung Royal Tombs

The Historic Site No. 194 comprises Heolleung in the east and Illeung in the west. Heolleung is the joint royal tomb of King Taejong, the third king of Joseon, and Queen Wongyeong, and Illeung is the unified tomb of Sunjo, the 23rd king of Joseon and Queen Sunwon.

Banpodaegyo Rainbow Fountain

The Rainbow Fountain has fountains using falling water pumped 1,140 meters in the upper and lower regions of Banpodaegyo Bridge in tune with the background music. At night, it highlights the fantastic landscape of the Hangang River with exterior lighting.

National Library of Korea

The National Library of Korea constitutes of the main hall (Seven floors above ground, plus a basement floor), a reference archive, a librarian training center, the Digital Library that opened in May 2009, and the National Library for Children and Young Adults (Four floors above ground, plus two basement floors) in Yeoksam-dong. The library building surrounded by Seocho Park provides a comfortable recreational area with its beautiful appearance and quiet ambience.