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About Seocho Tourist Information Center

The Seocho (Tourist Information) Center is located at the back of Gangnam Station Exit 9, which is the center of culture, art, nature, fashion, beauty and business. Multilingual service provides tourist information, various cultural and performance information, and many other services that tourists need.

Facility description

Seocho Tourist Information Center is a two-story art container that draws attention with unique paintings of the Seoul Arts Center, Sevit Island, Nue Bridge and Seocho-gu's tourist attractions. Using the characteristics of Seocho-gu with lots of cultural and artistic combinations, the first floor is equipped with a comprehensive tourist information center and the second floor operates as a Gugak(Korean Traditional Music) experience Hall.


  • Facilities Overview
    • Open: Daily AM 10:00 ~ PM 19:00 (Closed: New Year's Day, Chuseok Holiday)
    • Location: Between Exit 9 and Exit 10 of Gangnam Station
    • Phone: 02-3478-1261 ~ 3
    • Amenities: Free use of internet search, use of luggage storage box (smart box), charge of mobile phone, reservations for performances and ticketing ticket, nationwide travel guide map and sightseeing promotional leaflets, Seocho-gu festival and event information, Seocho-gu cultural experience program application
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  • Tourist Information Center (1st floor)
  • Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese-speaker are available for information desk. We offer a variety of convenient services to our customers, including luggage storage (smart box) and Internet search, tourist guide bookings and ticket bookings for Seoul Arts Center, The National Gugak Center, also National tourist information, maps and booklets are arranged.

  • Korean Traditional Music(Gugak) Experience Hall (2nd floor)
  • This Public Experience Hall for Korean traditional Music, You can play Korean traditional music instruments and try on royal hanbok which is korean traditional cloths. There is a photo zone and you can have a great time.

「Evercab Shared-Ride Service」

  • Subject: Any foreign tourist who wishes to visit Everland
  • Details
    • If a reservation is made in advance, shared-vehicles will be provided for a specific date, time and venue.
    • This service provides rides departing from Seocho Tourism Information Center at 10:40, and coming back from the drop-off place of Everland at 20:15 (Sun. - Thu.) and 21:15 (Fri. and Sat.).
  • Fees: KRW 75,000 (Round-trip ride and admission ticket)

Information for venues near the Center

서초(관광정보)센터 주변 정보
Seoripul Food Truck Zone Gangnam Station Maeul Madang (Sketchbook No. 9)
서리풀 푸드트럭 존
강남역 마을마당(스케치북 NO 9)
  • Venue : Exit 9 and 10 of Gangnam Station
  • Details: 10 units including hot dog, waffle, sandwich
  • Inquiry: Regional Economy Division (2155-8747)
  • Venue : Exit 9 of Gangnam Station
  • Details : Street performances of various genres
  • Inquiry : Park and Green Space Division (2155-6846)