Important Information and Emergency Call

Important Information and Emergency Call
Details Telephone Numbers
Emergency call and directory
a fire, emergency patient, car accidents etc. 119
Crime report 112
Gas related accidents 119, 3411-019
Report a spy, consultation on operation against South Korea 113
Report international crime and consultation 080-776-2112
Report crimes related to drug 127
Animal rescue and report 994-2851
All other reports and directory
Report junk food 1399
Report missing children, a runaway 182
Report a water supply problem 120
Seoul Civil Affair Center 120
Report a electricity problem 123
Report environment pollution 128
Information on transportation Tourism
Tourism information 134
Train information Seoul Station 392-7788
Kimpo Airport (Automated voice service) 2660-2483/4
Information on City Airport Terminal 551-0077
Communication service
KT phone failure report 100
KT Customer service Dial 100 with no area code
Directory service 114
Traffic information 1333
Emergency Hot Line for Women 1336
Legal advise 132
Seoul local lawyer association Integrate Legal Center 3476-0986
Integrate Consultation Center on national tax 1588-0060
Aids related consultation 1588-5448
Post Office service 1588-1300
About volunteer service 1365