Welfare for the Disable

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  • THE DISABLE REGISTRATION : Apply at the district's Resident’s Center(Required 2 photographs and ID)
    • People with serious illness: Phone applying is available, a person under 18 years of age, and incapable of declaration of intention (a legal guardian).
    • 『The law about supporting and privileges such as State Meritorious Person』the concerned party can not be registered for the disabled.
  • Registration : Apply at the district's dong office (Required 2 photographs and ID)
    • Request for Diagnosis of Disabilities (Resident’s Center → the concerned medical organization) The official in charge of the case will determined the period for diagnosis of disabilities, the types of disabilities whether the given condition conforms to its standard and request an examination to a medical organization for the concerned party.

Disabled persons may apply for a Disabled Registration form upon confirmation of the diagnosis of their disabilities.

Disability Diagnosis Fee

  • It is a principle that independent persons pay for their disability diagnosis. However, newly registered disabled persons who are also subject to the Basic Livelihood Security Act are eligible for support.
  • Support: KRW 40,000 for mental disabilities and developmental disabilities; KRW 15,000 for other disabilities
    ※ Fees paid by the disabled are not eligible for medical insurance


  • Disability allowance, allowance for supporters of children with disabilities, allowance for education of children with disabilities, self-supporting allowance for the disabled, medical allowance for the disabled, allowance for diagnosis and registration for disabilities, free delivery of equipment for assisting the disabled, reduction in health insurance for local subscribers, operation of facilities specializing in products produced by the disabled, operation of vocational facilities for the disabled, execution of medical allowance for supporting equipment, issue of vehicle signs for the disabled, promotion of a 'sistership' business for the disabled, financial support of increases in the LPG fuel tax, housing renovations for the disabled living in rural areas, financial support for living expenses in a facility for the disabled, promotion of a system to provide assistants for seriously disabled persons, operation of a rehabilitation business for disabled children.
  • Inquiry: Department of Social Welfare at Seocho-gu District Office 82-2-2155-6650