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Anyone owned a car must have a proper vehicle registration card.

  • The vehicle registration card includes following information: Date of registered, the registration number, the type of vehicle, name of owner and expiration date.
    • The vehicle registration certificate must be attached in the card.
    • When registering a new car, you should visit the district office in person with the following requirements: Certificate of manufactured, a receipt of liability insurance, a temporary permit, a temporary lice plate, tax invoice and a picture ID. (If you are foreigner, don't forget to bring your certificate of Alien Registration)
    • In case of relocation to other city, you must report the change of status to the district office within 15 days to the transferring.
    • In case of ownership changes, you must report the change of ownership to the district office within 15 days from its change.
    • For registration cancellation, the owner of the vehicle must report it to the district office within one month.


Anyone who wishes to drive a car must, by law, have liability insurance to indemnify damages defined by a Presidential decree, in case an accident occurred. You are to pay penalty in case violation and anyone who drove the car that had no liability insurance is subjected to a jail time under 1 year or be fined of less than 5 million won.


  • As stated in the vehicle registration card, the vehicle owner must get the regular inspection before or after 30 days as dated in the card. (Vehicle Management Act Article No. 43 Clause No 1-2, stipulated by law).
  • Any vehicle failed to receive the inspection is subjected to under 500,000 won penalty in accordance with the Vehicle Management Act. Article No. 84 Clause 2-4.
    • 30 days expired for the inspection: 20,000 won
    • If 30 days have been expired for the inspection, 10,000 won would be increased on every 3 days.