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    Subway is a fast, accurate, and secure public transportation used by most of the citizens in Seoul. Subway arrives at each station every 1 minute in rush-hour and per 3-4 minutes during the rest of the day. Subway in Seoul is managed by Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation and Seoul Metropolitan Transit Corporation. It has total 9 different lines distinguished in different colors. Part of the lines is still under construction.

  • Subway lines around Seocho-gu and main stations
  • No. 2 line : Seocho-Goydae-Sadang-Sindolim-Dangsan (Shuttle buses are in operation)-Sichong or city hall-Jongro 3ga-Dongdaemun stadium-Hanyang university-Jamsil-Samsung-Gangnam
  • No. 3 line : Suseo-Seocho-gu District Office(Yangjae)-Express Terminal-Apkkujungdong-Oaksu-Euljiro3ga-Kyungbuk Palace-Doklibmun-Hongjae-Bulgwang-Gupabal-Wondang-Daehwa
  • No. 7 line : Mt. Dobong-Children's Grand park-Express Terminal-Isu-Boramae-Onsu
  • No. 9 line : Subway Line No. 9 Express Bus Terminal – Sinbanpo – Gubanpo – Dongjak – Heukseok – Dangsan – Gimpo International Airport
  • Select your destination from the [Automatic Ticket Machine] and pay the transportation fee and deposit (KRW 500). You will receive a disposable transportation card after making your payment.
  • Press the card against the card terminal at the gate. Once you arrive at your destination, press the card against the card terminal again and come out.
  • You will receive your deposit when you input your transportation card at the [Deposit Refund Kiosk] after you get off the subway train.
  • Subway fare
    Subway fare
    Transportation Card Ticket
    Adults Students, Teenagers Children Adults Children
    1,050won 720won 450won 1,150won 500won
    • 10 - 40 km: 100 won for every 5 km
    • After 40 km: 100 won for every 10 km
  • Fare for one way ticket
    • For an adult: General transportation card fare + 100 won
    • For a child: One time usage ticket fare of an adult * 0.5
  • Fare for teenagers and children
    • Transportation Card for Teenagers: General transportation card fare * 0.8
    • Transportation Card for Children: General transportation card fare * 0.5
  • Fare for teenagers and children
    Fare for teenagers and children
    Category Discount (Bonus) Rate
    Regular 50% discounted fare on children between 6-12 years old and elementary school students
    For Seoul only
    (39,600 won worth)
    Use up to 60 times for 30 days from the day the ticket was purchased
    ※ Use only within Seoul area for Seoul Subway No. 1-8 and Korea Transit Corporation
    Proportional to
    (39,600won -
    89,800won worth)
    - Use according to the basic fare by distance of each station in wide area transit and the Metropolitan area.
    - The commutation ticket is only to be used in transits of wide area and the entire station of Metropolitan area.
    Transportation Card - General: Basic Fare 900won(up to 10Km), No discount is applicable
    - Teenagers: 20% discounted fare from the general fare
    - Children: 50% discounted fare from the general fare
    단체권 - Adults: 20% discounted from the general transportation card fare
    - Teenagers and students: 30% discounted fare from the general transportation card fare.
    - Children: 20% discounted fare from the transportation card for children.
    - For groups of 20 people or more, 1 person’s fee is exempted for every 20 persons and a reduced price is applied as the basic fee. For groups of 20 or less, the regular basic fee is applied.
  • Personal belongings found in subway are sent to Lost and Found Center.
    Corporation Line No. Station Contact No.
    Seoul Metro Line No. 1,2 City Hall 02-753-2408~9
    Line No. 3,4 Chungmuro 02-2271-1170~1
    Seoul Transit Corporation Line No. 5,8 Wangsipri 02-2298-6766~7
    Line No. 6,7 Taereung Entrance 02-949-6767 / 02-972-6766
    Transit Corporation   Guro 02-869-0089
      Daegong 031-965-8516
      Seongbuk 02-917-7445
      Ahnsan 031-491-7790
      Seonreung 02-568-7715
      Byongjeong 031-234-7788
    Incheon Transit Incheon bound Bunpyong District Office 032-451-3218
  • Lost and Found operating hours
    • Weekdays: 07 : 00 - 22 : 00
    • On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays and all other non-business hours, please call the service center of the Lost and Found center.


The Seoul Bus route system is classified in 4 types.
  • Blue Bus (Main Route): This type of buses will operate at higher speeds and access the median bus lane connecting suburban areas to downtown Seoul.
  • Green Bus (Branch Route): Green bus is flexibly operated to connect major subway stations or bus terminals in downtown Seoul. It is similar with the city bus and the community shuttle bus currently in operation. Green stands for the mountains surrounding the city.
  • Yellow Bus (Circle Route): This bus circles downtown Seoul and stop at stations for blue buses and major railway stations.
  • Red Bus (Wide Route): The express buses designed specially for those commuting between downtown Seoul and the metropolitan area.
Previous System Current Types Standard Transportation Card Cash
Urban type
Blue Bus
(Main Route)
Green Bus
(Branch Route)
Adults 900won 1,000won  
Teenagers 720won 1,000won
Elementary school
450won 450won
Village Bus Green Bus
(Village Bus)
Adults 600won 450won  
Teenagers 480won 550won
Elementary school
300won 300won
Seated Bus Red Bus
(Wide area route)
Adults 1,700won 1,800won No transportation
discount is applicable
Teenagers 1,360won 1,800won
Elementary school
1,200won 1,200won
  • Information about KAL Limousine Bus Route
    Information about KAL Limousine Bus Route
    Destination Operational Route Distance and Fare
    To City Hall bound
    (Route No. 1)
    Incheon Airport - Incheon Hyatt Hotel - Plaza Hotel - Lotte Hotel - Choson Hotel - Korean Hotel - Seosomun KAL - Seoul Garden Fare
    Adult: 13,000won
    Children: 7,000won
    To Mt. Namsan bound
    (Route No. 2)
    Incheon Airport - Sophitel- Shila Hotel - Yaksu Station - Hyatt Hotel - Hilton Hotel - Seoul Station - Ramada Sweet - Seoul Garden
    To Gangnam bound
    (Route No. 3)
    Incheon Airport - Palace Hotel - Ritz Carlton Hotel - Novotel Ambassador - Ramada Hotel - Coex Inter Continental - Grand Inter Continental - Renaissance Hotel -Imperial Palace
    To Jamsil bound
    (Route No. 4)
    Incheon Airport - Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel - Walker Hill Hotel - Gwangnaru Station - Dong Seoul Terminal - Lotte World
  • Trade Center ↔ Incheon International Airport
    Trade Center ↔ Incheon International Airport
    Operating Hour -From City Air Terminal: 05:20-20:00
    - From Incheon Airport: 05:30-22:30
    Operation Increment - 5 - 15 minutes
    Time required - City Airport ↔ Incheon Airport : 65 minutes
    Fare - City Airport ↔ Incheon Airport : 14,000won / Adult, One way
    Stopping location - City Airport: Airport Terminal 2nd Fl.
    - Incheon Airport: Eastern side No. 4A, Western side at No 10B stop
    Information - 02)551-0790,2
    ※ 4,000won discount on a round ticket purchase
  • Kimpo Airport ↔ Incheon International Airport
    Kimpo Airport ↔ Incheon International Airport
    Operating Hour - From Kimpo Airport: 05:10-21:00
    - From Incheon International Airport: 05:20-22:30
    Operation Increment - 20 - 40 minutes
    Time required - About 40 minutes
    Fare - 6,500won / Adult, One-way
    Stopping location - Kimpo Airport: Outside of the Domestic Airline Building at No. 10 stop.
    - Incheon International Airport : Eastern side No. 3B, Western side No. 10A stop.
    Information - 02)2666-7383
    ※ 2,000won discount on a round ticket purchase
KAL Limousine
  • Seocho-gu Village Buses Route
    Destination Operational Route Distance and Fare
    1Route City Hall Area Incheon International Airport - Koreana Hotel - Seoul Plaza Hotel - Lotte Hotel - Chosun Hotel - Koreana Hotel - Seosomun KAL Building - Seoul Garden Hotel Fee
    Adults: KRW 14,000
    Children: KRW 7,000
    2Route Namsan Area Incheon International Airport - Seoul Garden Hotel - Lotte City Hotel - Ramada Hotel & Suites - Seoul Station - Millennium Hilton Hotel - Hyatt Hotel - Grand Ambassador Seoul - The Shilla - Yaksu Station
    3A Route Gangnam Area Incheon International Airport - Seoul Palace Hotel - Ritz Carlton Seoul - Novotel Ambassador - Renaissance Seoul Hotel
    3B Route COEX Area Incheon International Airport - Imperial Palace Hotel - Ramada Seoul - COEX Intercontinental Seoul - Grand Intercontinental Seoul
    4Route Jamsil Area Incheon International Airport - Lotte World - Dong Seoul Terminal - Gwangnaru Station - W Seoul Walkerhill - Sheraton Grand Walkerhill


Seocho-gu is currently operating village buses. The buses are managed by a private company under the permission of the district office.

  • Seocho-gu Village Buses Route
    Seocho-gu Village Buses Route
    Line Numbers Name of Companies Departure & Arrival Interval First bus Last bus Main passing through places
    Seocho01 Seoripul
    Jamwon Station -Seocho Station 25 06:00 23:30 Jamwon Station-
    Express Terminal-
    Banpo High School-
    Yuwon Apartment-
    Gyodae Station-
    Seocho Station
    Seocho02 Seoripul
    Gyodae Station -Seocho Station 5 06:00 23:30 Gyodae Station-
    Banpo High School-
    Yuwon Apartment-
    Seoul High School-Seocho High School-
    Sangmun High School-
    Seocho Station-
    Seocho Station
    Seocho03 Seoil
    Goydae Station-Sinsa station 7 06:00 22:00 Seoul National University of Education -
    Yuwon Apt -
    Singdonga Apt -
    Gangnam Station -
    Nonhyeon Station -
    Sinsa Station
    Seocho05 Dayeon
    Isu Station -Uri Supermarket 7 06:30 23:30  Isu Station-
    Kookmin Bank-Bangbae Gogae-
    onghwa Brown Apt.-
    Hanseong Supermarket-
    Uri Supermarket
    Seocho06  Dayeon
    Isu Station - Dongdeok Women's High School 12 06:30 23:30 Isu Station-
    Bangbae Police Station-
    Sadang Station-
    Subway Headquarters-
    Banghyon Elementary School-
    Dongdeok Women's High School
    Seocho07 Buseong
    LG Xi Apt. - Bangbae Art HIll 8 06:30 23:00 LG Xi Apt.-Naebang Station-
    Bangbae Station-
    Sangmun High School-
    Bangbae Art Hill
    Seocho08 Yangjae Gyotong
    Freight Cargo Terminal - Yangjae Station 7 06:00 23:30 Freight Cargo Terminal-
    Jandi Village-
    Education and Seoul Art Center-
    Korea Telecommunication-
    Ildong Pharmaceutical-
    Yangjae Station
    Seocho09 Wunseok Gyotong
    Heonin Maeul Village -Gangnam Station 7 06:00 23:00 Heonin Maeul Village-
    Civil Defense Training Site-
    Samho Product-
    Yangjae Station-
    Gangnam Station
    Seocho10 Seocho
    Citizens' Sports Center- Gangnam Station 10 06:00  23:00 Citizens' Sports Center -
    Jawon Elementary School-
    Express Terminal-
    Samho Garden-
    Gyodae Station-
    Gangnam Station
    Seocho11 SeaAe
    Lotte Village & front of residental houses 10 06:30 23:30 Lotte Village-
    Seocho Station-
    Seoul Art Center-
    Nambu Terminal-
    Mujigae (Ah)-
    Samho Apartment
    Seocho12 Seoae Unsu
    Seocho Station & Seoul Art Center 15 07:00 23:00 Seocho Station-
    Nambu Terminal-
    Seoul Art Center
    Seocho13 Chongjin
    Noinjeong & Dongdeok Women's High School 8 06:00 23:10 Isu Station-
    Hamjibak Crossroads-
    Seora Village-
    Jugong No.2 Complex-
    Seoul High School-
    Bangbae Station-
    Dongdeok Women's High School
    Seocho14 Kokkiri Unsu
    Isu Station-Hansin 2-cha Apt. 8 06:00 23:00 Isu Station, Seorae Elementary School -
    Palace Hotel -
    Sungmo Hospital -
    Express Bus Terminal -
    Hansin 2-cha Apt.
    Seocho15 Busaeng Unsu
    Lotte Castle Heron-Sadang Station 8 06:15 23:30 Lotte Castle Heron-
    Enterance to Cafe street-
    Bangbae Station-
    Sangmun High School-
    Dongdeok Women's High School-
    Sadang Station
    Seocho16 Dayeon
    Isu Station & Sadang Station 8 06:30 23:30 Isu Station - Namseong Market -
    Honghwa Brown Apt. -
    Bangbae Station -
    Seoul Metro Building -
    Sadang Station
    Seocho17 Dayeon
    Sadang Station & Seocho-gu District Office 8 06:15 22:45 Sadang Station-
    Dongdeok Women's High School-
    Bangbae Station-
    Sangmoon High School -
    National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts -
    Seoul Arts Center -
    Seocho-gu City Office
    Seocho18 Cheongam Unsu
    (District Bus)
    Sikyuchon Village & Eonnam Middle and High School 7 06:00 23:00 Sikyuchon -
    Kolon Apartment-
    Ildong Pharmaceutical-
    Yangjae Station-
    Guryong Cross Road-
    Eonnam High School
    Seocho19 Cheongam Unsu
    (District Bus)
    Seon Bawi Station & Yongdong Middle School 20 06:20 23:00 Seon Bawi Station-
    Kolon Apartment-
    Ildong Pharmaceutical-
    Yangjae Station -
    Youngdong Middle School
    Seocho20 Yangjae Gyotong
    Freight Cargo Terminal & Nonhyon Station 25 06:00 23:30 Freight Cargo Terminal -
    Yangjae Station-Gangnam Station-
    Nonhyon Station
    Seocho21 Seonheung Unsu
    Yeongok-dong-Lotte Castle Heron 7 06:00 23:00 Yeongok-dong -
    Guryong Crossroads-
    Yangjae Station-
    Seocho Station-Citizens' Sports Center-
    Joongang (Ah)-
    Lotte Castle Heron

Recently, the government has recognized the poignant increase of vehicles in Seoul area thus introduced the dedicated bus lane in an effort to encourage its citizens to actively use the public transportation.
There are two kinds of dedicated lands; Median Bus Lane and Curb Bus Lane.

  • Median Bus Lane (Red Zone) : Gangnam Broad Way (Some parts), Operates 24 Hours
  • Curb Bus Lane (Blue Lane)
    • Dongjak Broad Way, Sinbanporo, Gangnam Broad Way (Some parts), Sapyongro, (Operating time 07:00-21:00)
    • Hyoryeongno and Heolleungno (Operating time: 07:00-10:00 and 17:00-21:00)

The dedicated bus lane is only for buses. A regular passenger car would be given fine if using the dedicated bus lane. The fine is different from each vehicle. Passenger car - 50,000 won, Vans - 60,000 won, a two-wheeled vehicle - 40,000 won

注) 1. Vans: More than 4 tons/Freight or special cars with construction equipment
2. Passenger cars: under 4 tons/Freight cars under 4 tons


Taxi is considered as one of the most comfortable transportations, taking you to the destination you like and on time. There are 4 different types of taxis in Seocho; Regular, large size, brand and midium-sized taxies. While the deluxe taxi fare is a little more higher than the middle-sized taxi, it offers comfortable services. A large size taxi for up to 8 people is also available for groups. The brand taxi operates by call system to run at midnight. The fare is similar to the regular taxis but you just need to pay 1,000 won for the paging fee.

Taxi for Foreign Tourists
  • Website :
  • How to Use: by reservation
    • Call Center (1644-2255): An information desk with English and Japanese-speaking staff who are always ready to assist you with your reservation.
    • Internet: (Available in English and Japanese)
Color Black body with a yellow cap light.
Service Fare The first 3km is 4,500 won (Basic Rate) according to the reciprocal calculation system of time and distance but 200won is increased on every 164m from then on or additional charge of 200won on every 39 seconds if the taxi is driving under 15 km mph.
Color In general, these taxis have silver based body color with white or blue and topped with a cap light.
Service Fare The first 2km is 1,900 won (Basic Rate) according to the reciprocal calculation system of time and distance but there will be additional charge of 100won on every 144m and if it runs under 15㎞ mph, then additional 100 won will be added on every 35 seconds.
In addition, there is 25% surcharge from midnight to 4 AM and another 20% surplus applied as extra charge.

As a part of an effort to promote convenience of taxi usage through Citizens' Call, the Brand Taxi (Corporate taxis) has been established and there are about 3,600 taxis currently in operation. Unlike other private call center, the Brand Taxi has about 3,000 taxis depending on the name of brand in which provides comfortable and faster services.


Category Express Bus Suburb Bus
Seoul Express Bus Terminal Central City Nambu Bus Terminal
Route Pyongtaek, Ahnseong, Chonahn, Onyang (Ahsan), Chongju, Jochiwon, Gongju, Daejeon, Chongsa, Geumsan, Gimchon, Jeomcheon, Sangju, Gumi, (Hwanggan), Daegue, Gyeongju, Pohang, Ulsan, Busan, Yeongchon, Masan, Changwon, Jinju, Tongyeong, Gimhae Yongin, Yichon, Yoju, Wonju, Jaechon, Gangreung, Donghae, Samchuck, Yangyang, Sokcho. Yuseong, Yeonmudae, Jeonju, Yiksan, Gimjae, Gunsan, Namwon, Jeongeup, Gwangju, Yongsanpo (Naju), Bokpo, Soonchon, Yeosu (Yeochon), Yonggwang, Gangjin, Gochang (Heungdeok), Soonchang, Jinahn(Ahnchon), Buan, Jindo, Wando, Haenam, Nokdong (Goheung), Bulgyo(Boseong), Jangheung (yongam) (Hwaijin), Jido (Muan), Hampyong (Munjang), (Jangseong), Damyang, Choongju, Chongju (Mt.Sokrisan), Bukchongju (Chongju Airport), Andong, Yaesan, Hongseong, Boryong (Daechon), Dangjin, Seosan, Taean, Choonchon, Yongju, Yongwol, Chongyang (Jeongsan), Anmyeondo Hwaseong, Osan, Yongin, Pyongtaek, Anseong Route Taean, Seosan, Dangjin and 11 more routes. Eumseong, Jaechon, Danyang and 4 more routes. Iksan, Wanju, Jeonju, Muju, Jansu route Mungyeong, Sangju, Gimchon and 6 more routes Gurae Hamyang, Geochang, Sanchon and 10 more route.
Location 19-4 Banpo-dong 19-3 Banpo-dong 1446-1 Seocho-dong
Contact No. 02 - 535-4151~2 02 - 6282 - 0600 02-521-8550



    Trains managed by the office of Korean National Railroads are very useful transportation in terms of speed and fare. The trains are operated by an operational time table and the scheduled is strictly followed even during vacation times. There are 4 types of trains in Korea; KTX, Saemaeul, Mugoonghwa and commuter train. Your can obtain detail information about ticket reservation and train tour at KORAIL( (Information: 1544-7788)