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  • Process of registering a baby's birth in Korea in international marriage is identical to that of Koreans'. If legally married, either the mother or father of the baby will be able to register the baby's birth. If a baby was born without marriage (If a couple can not legally register their wedding), the mother can register the baby's birth.
  • The registration of a birth can be processed at Resident’s Center in the residing area. Fill out the birth certificate form (can be found at any Resident’s Center) and attached any verifiable certificates (A hospital or a person participated in delivering baby can fill out the form).
  • Children from inter-racial marriage could acquire dual-nationality. This can be done by submitting the birth registration in Korean and the English translated and notarized the birth certificate to the other spouse's embassy. The birth registration should be filed within 30 days after birth otherwise, there is a fine for default.