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Poste de conseil Tél. Contenu
Centre d'appel des affaires civiles 82-1577-0181 Appels des affaires civiles diverses
Integrate Office of the district office 82-2-2155-6114 Holidays, night time, all kinds of calls related to civil service
Voice of the citizens, Integrate Civil Service Report Center 82-2-2155-6110 Complaints
Report improperness 82-2-2155-6331 Report all kinds of improperness
Information about employment 82-2-529-1919 Employment information
About vehicle registration 82-2-2155-7207~21 Paper work related to vehicle registration
About vehicle registration fee 82-2-2155-7207~21 About vehicle registration fee
About illegal parking 82-2-2155-7254~58 About illegal parking and stopping
Seocho-gu recycle center 82-2-571-7272
Home appliance, furniture and more