Administrative Organization

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  • 인쇄


The district office handles general affairs; civil administration affairs such as the citizens' hygiene and health, salary, constructions, taxes, sports programs, culture including change of foreigners' sojourn.

  • Vice Mayor
    • Auditing & Inspection Officer
    • Public Relations Officer
    • Culture & Administration Bureau
      • Administration Support Division
      • Culture & Arts Division
      • Self-governing Administration Division
      • Education & Sports Division
      • OK Civil Service Center
    • Bright Future Bureau
      • Family Policy Division
      • Regional Economy Division
      • Employment Division
      • Senior Support Division
    • Resident Life Support Bureau
      • Welfare Policy Division
      • Social Welfare Division
      • Women & Childcare Division
      • Green Environment Division
      • Cleaning Administration Division
    • Planning & Finance Bureau
      • Planning & Budget Division
      • Finance Division
      • Tax Administration Division
      • Property Tax Division
      • Local Income Tax Division
    • City Management Bureau
      • Residence Improvement Division
      • City Planning Division
      • City Design Division
      • Architecture Division
      • Park & Green Space Division
      • Real Estate Information Division
    • Safety, Construction & Traffic Bureau
      • Safe City Division
      • Construction Management Division
      • Road Division
      • Water Management Division
      • Traffic Administration Division
      • Parking Management Division
    • Community Heath Center
      • Health Policy Division
      • Health Management Division
      • Hygiene Division
      • Medical Support Division
      • Community Heath Center Bangbae Branch
      • Community Health Center Kkotmaeul Branch


Resident’s Center carry out similar work to the district office delegated by the Mayor and their main focus is on document services such as resident registration and seal impression, waste matter including parking control. Resident’s Center usually handle general matters regarding everyday issues or they assist the matters to related organizations. In particular, Resident’s Center are being used as a place to relax in which offers a meeting place for all occasion and even operates library for the residents. Resident’s Center are transforming and establishing as a facility for the local citizens and as a local residents' self-government organization as well as a resident self-government.