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Location and Conditions
Location of the District Office Extremity The extreme of longitude and latitude Elongation Distance
Location The Extreme Point
2584 Nambusunhwanno Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
(1376-3 Seocho2- dong)
The Eastern Tip 12-410 Naegok-dong The North Latitude 37°27’29.68”
The east longitude 127°05’41.43”
Between East and West 1.30km Between South and North 10.79km
The Western Tip 1339 Banpo-dong The North Latitude 37°28’1.48”
The east longitude 126°55’42.18”
The Southern Tip 4-62 Wonji-dong The North Latitude 37°25’44.31”
The east longitude 126°58’05.79”
The Northern Tip 155 Jamwon-dong The North Latitude 37°28’44.01”
The east longitude 126°56’38.99”