History of Seocho-gu

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Seocho-gu(Seocho-City) has established separately in January 1988 from Gangnam-gu jurisdiction.
This area which is bordered by Han River has been continually inhabited since prehistoric times and is the cradle of Korean civilization.
Artifacts unearthed from a group of dolmens in Wonji-dong and a dwelling site in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnamgu indicate existence the cultures from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. In historic times, the Seocho-gu(Seocho-City) area became important as the capital of the Baekje Kingdom; one of the three kingdoms on the Korean peninsula. The city, called Wiryesong (Fortress Castle) at the time was situated in the western part of present Seocho-gu(Seocho-City) and it appears that the remaining areas have been used for agriculture. The full-scale development of this area was started in 1965 when the city government set up a basic development plan for this area to a sub-center of the metropolis. Thus the first phase of the zoning project was started in 1968. In about 20 years, the whole area had bee transformed into a urban sub-center from the rural district in the area of 47.14㎢ with 400,000 population.